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Nothing New Under the Sun

Last week, I spoke with a traditional quilter who was afraid to try art quilting. “I’m not an ideas person. I wouldn’t know where to start.” she told me. “I’m not like those artists who just get ideas from nowhere.

Nor, I told her, are the artists she admired. 


The Tate Liverpool recently had an exhibition of later works by Turner, Monet and Twombly. In the first room is a painting by Turner called Hero and Leander. He based his painting on the Greek myth of the same name. On the adjoining wall was a set of four works by Twombly which are entirely different in content and style but which are inspired by the same myth. I was fascinated to see the difference in two works from the same inspiration. Turner painted a very formal, classical composition. Twombly left us a free, expressive interpretation.  With this as with other paintings he added words in his scrawling handwriting to the art. Read more

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