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Guest Post: Steve Morton

My first Guest post comes from Steve Morton who is one of the faces behind the Philofaxy blog. I blame him for my obsessional collecting selective purchasing of filofaxes and so he owed my the favour of answering some of my questions!


1. You run a very popular blog Philofaxy, which has a real sense of community. What would you say is the secret of the success of that blog? How do you plan that blog (talk to me about stationery and systems!)  

Philofaxy isn’t just down to me, there are four of us now who contribute to the content. But we must also thank Nan for keeping the blog running for a few years on her own, otherwise it would have died I’m sure.  The success of Philofaxy is also down to the readers and their feedback. Keeping things fresh and thinking of new ideas can be difficult at times, but I find keeping an open mind and looking to see what goes on in other areas of blogging and then adapting them to the Filofax world works quite well. Some of the ideas are very successful and came to me out of no where, for instance the ‘Reader Under a Spotlight’ questions and answers, I just sat down and started jotting down some questions in my Filofax. The questions and the order of them are still the same since we started.

 Quite a few ideas are discussed behind the scenes, what questions to ask, the timing of things, the best way of phrasing things, it’s great to have the support of others when you are blogging, it can be quite a lonely pastime for some people.

Whilst Filofax can be a fairly dull topic/subject I try to include elements of humour in to my writing and I get a lot of enjoyment out of peoples reactions. The best one was earlier in 2012 Read more

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