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Learning From: Sam Mussabini

This is the third post about characters from the Film Chariots of Fire. You can also read about Eric Lidell and Harold Abrahams

Sam Mussabini was the professional coach hired by Harold Abrahams to help him win the 1924 Olympic 100 yard dash. In an age of amateurism he was banned from watching his protegé from the stadium. In the film Abrahams hired him a hotel room from where he could see the flag being raised and hear the anthem played. We see him watching the Union Jack rise then punching his fist through his straw boater in celebration. ( In reality there was no medal ceremony at those games and Harold Abrahams received his medals through the post and was charged an excess postage charge on them!)

Sam is maybe my favourite character because he was a King Maker. It is not that he was without his own sporting talents  having been a professional sprinter and excellent billards player himself. Rather, he realised that his talents lay in making other people better than he was. When I was thinking about writing this blog I read a fair bit of material about how to make money from your blog, how to get in the Top 10 Blog List, how to use a blog to raise your personal platform. I don’t  think any of those things are wrong. But I was not comfortable following suggestions to make them my priority goal.

My aim of this blog is to help people to walk their daily and artistic life with confidence and competence. If as a result you overtake me on the path, then I will have succeeded.

Looking at the life of Scipio Africanus ‘Sam’ Mussabini ( isn’t that a great name?) gives me some good tips: Read more

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