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Create Food : Becoming a pastry person

My Grandmother was a pastry person. Even when she went blind she could make, by feel alone, wonderful pies. Every Sunday teatime the family gathered for meat-and-tattie pie, custard pie (the secret to which was, apparently, the now unobtainable ‘steri’ milk), apple pie, rhubarb pie and often a guest pie as well. She was not a cake person. The legend is that even the ducks refused to eat her sponge cake.

And so another childhood myth* became an adult belief of mine: you are either a sponge or a pastry person, the difference being a lot to do with how warm your hands are. I rock sponges. Pastry? Ha! There is a fine line between pastry and homemade play-doh and I seem to cross it everytime. I am a cake person.

Or I was until Tesco’s forced me to rethink. My husband eats neither Christmas pudding or our family fall back Sticky Toffee Pudding ( only ever from this manufacturer). So he gets to pick his own Christmas dinner desert. This year: Bakewell Tart. Only Tesco substituted apple pies. His mouth said,”Apple is fine” but his face said, “Awh, but I wanted Bakewell..”.

So I decided. I believe that in life you can be and do who and what you want to be. You just need to learn how. And if learning how takes a while, then it takes a while and you just have to want to be/ do enough to stick at it. And how hard can becoming a pastry person be? Especially when you don’t tell anyone you are trying and have apple pies as back up?

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