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Budgeting the Malden way.

I'll swap you something today:

You go first. I have been reading many blog posts recently about how people struggle to manage money and would appreciate some budgeting advice. Now, there are many things I am utterly rubbish at (hockey, washing up and finding my glasses being but three). However, thanks to the good teaching of my mother when I was a child, and a career spent dividing other peoples assets after their divorce , money management is something I get straight As at. So In collaboration with Alison Reeves's copyreading skills, I have plans to put together an ebook. So I would like you ask you: what do you want to know about budgeting? What do you struggle with and what do you want more knowledge about? What do you know that you think I should pass on as an essential? If you prefer email me in private rather than leaving a comment.

And in return I'll give you a sneak preview of an essential tool of mine…

To manage money well I firmly believe you have to know how you spend and on what. My old perfectly good system was to collect receipts in my purse and sort them out every now and again. But when I rediscovered filofaxes and saw that they could be used as wallets I upgraded the system to a wallet that included paper so I could jot down as I spent. Much, more efficient.

I have been using the pocket Chameleon as shown above. It works well but the financial pages are a little small for my liking. As part of tracking I like to note what I bought and often what category of spending it fell into. So today I took delivery of a compact Malden zip to try out. I think it is right that this model is not widely available the UK but is about to be rolled out with the new catalogue due soon.

Its longer but, compared to my stuffed pocket, is slimmer.

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