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Kanban planning in a filofax

Kanban is a Japanese organisational card system developed by Toyota to control the logistical chain of production’. But I suggest we skip that bit and let me talk about how applying washi tape to its basic principles results in a simple, attractive and effective planning tool.

I get Enthusiasms. There is so much I want to do and learn in life that I get pushed and pulled in all directions. Even if I focus on one activity – say art quilting – I have too many ideas to do all at once. Even though I have pretty good time management skills and cram a lot into a day, I cannot do everything all at once. But I refuse to give up on good ideas and dreams. Which results in one of two issues happening. Usually both at the same time!

Either I start things straight away but then I can’t get back to them and my head is full of unfinished things with no end sight. Or I don’t start them because i now I don’t haven’t time and my head is full of trying to hold on to my excitement and the details of the ideas so I can start them in the future. Not good. So, when I bought yet another filofax I decided to set up a Project Management Centre. I will post more on that later when it is fully set up but one key feature was to have a visual overview of how much I had on the go and at what stage those projects were at.

My first attempt was to draw colour coded lines on a Horizontal Year Planner. BIg Fat Fail! Way too many lines all competing. And this is not even finished. But doing it gave me an idea. A Kanban system.

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