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Judging a journal by its cover

I am sorry to break this you but, as of the date of publication of this post you have nine shopping days left to get your Christmas presents sorted. And before you tell me I can’t count, I once bought my husband concert tickets for Christmas at 11am on Christmas Day so its never too late. ( He didn’t buy  them before  because he thought I would think of them as a gift and I didn’t buy them because I thought he would think of them as a gift…!)   Now, am not here to encourage the commercialisation of Christmas or the use of overdrafts, but I am going to encourage you to buy yourself a small gift online today. You deserve it and you will benefit from it all next year. And why not get your best friend one too to share the joy. I am of course talking about a journal.

Come the first week of the New Year I am going to be running a whole week’s bonus posts on how to make lasting and life enhancing New Year Resolutions and to play along you will need a journal. So right there you have my permission for a little treat… And for those of you who are journal sceptical, when better than a new year to try something new?

Reader Alison Reeves raised the issue in my last journalling column about how you choose a suitable journal so here are some thoughts and suggestions for you: Read more

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