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Learning from: Eric Liddell

Chariots of Fire is a film I can watch over and over, maybe because parts of it were filmed at my school and my Cambridge college, giving me a special affinity with it. Given my familiarity with it I was a little surprised when on our last watching my husband announced, just as Eric Liddell, winner of the  1924 Olympic gold medal for the 400 meters was completing his last dramatic run along a beach, ” He died of AIDS a couple years after that.”

“What? No he didn’t. He went to China to be a missionary. And AIDS wasn’t even around in 1926.”

“No.” Husband said, “The Actor, Ian Charleston. He died.”

 This might well have inspired a post about how a certain member of our household is incapable of suspending disbelief and just enjoying the film, for goodness sake, but as a successful marriage depends on a wife planning to use creative methods to quell her irritation from time to time, I will not go there


But it did get me thinking: What happened to the Chariots of Fire Characters and what can we learn about success from their life stories? This post, focusing on Eric Liddell, is the first in a short Chariots of Fire Series  ( The next will be in three weeks time in my next Succeed post).  Read more

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