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Welcome to Plan ● Create ● Succeed.

My name is Helen Conway and on this blog I bring together my lives as a senior lawyer with an established career in court advocoacy, lecturing and book  authorship and as an emerging artist still building up my skills and experience in a new field. My goal is to write about all I have learned and am still  learning about the skills necesary to build a career, to meet personal life goals and to live a life full of creativity. I aim to inspire and equip readers to work towards their own life goals  with confidence and competence and to provide a supportive community for you as you do so.

I will be writing about self development, art, planning and organisation, journalling, goal setting, baking and cooking, books, and other good stuff that relates to Planning, Creating and Succeeding.

You can expect:
A post each Thursday on Planning, Creating or Succeeding
A Design Monthly Article on the first Monday of each month
A forum called Salon Sunday ( which is actually open to comments all week long) with a new topic to inspire discussion each week.

I welcome interaction on the site via comments and my email via the Contact page. if you have any requests for post topics please let me know.

You can see examples of my art work at and

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