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Design Monthly April 2013: Text

Here is the latest video.


I realised after I had made it that I have moved on without showing you the result of the work in the last few videos. The Brick Lane quartet of quilts are just having the final handstiching added to them and then they go to the Uttoxeter Quilt show so at that stage I will show them off.

The links I refer to are:

The October Gallery

The book on Ethiopian Art- Ethiopian Passages

Wosene Worke Kosrof


Design Monthly: Brick Lane to Calligraphy

Here is the latest video. I apologise for the turn of the camera at the end!

The artist whose name I got wrong in the last book is in fact Wosene Worke Kosrof and you can see more of his work here


Design Monthly: Transitions part 2 – the progression of an art quilt

Last month I showed you the start of an art quilt inspired by Brick Lane.

Here you can see how it is progressing and how my design book looks.


Rubbish designs

The Lou Ruvo Centre for Brain Health in Las Vegas and the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester have at least one thing in common. They are throw away, rubbish designs.

I don't mean I don't think they are any good. I mean that that was how the architects got their ideas. Read more

Design Monthly 1: Eight ways to get ideas for art.

I am part of the Twelve  by Twelve group, a collaborative art group who have produced 288 twelve inch art quilts. Wherever they are shown together viewers say. “ I don’t know where they get their ideas. I could never do that.’ Hearing those comments makes me very sad because those people are talking themselves out of the joy of creation, a joy that is available to every single person.

Design can appear to be a magical thing. People believe that there is some peculiar talent that creative people have that is not available to mere mortals. The assume that if they are not themselves bursting with ideas every day they will never be able to make art or design a house or even make dinner without a recipe.

So I am going to let you into my secrets of how I get my ideas and how some of my friends did it. Not to show off but  to show you that you too can do it.  Then, in the privacy of your own home you can try too,

Blowin’ in the Wind by Diane Perin Hock

Read more

Design Monthly- Transitions Part 1 (Quilts and filofaxes both!)

For the next few Design Monthly features I thought I would treat you to some videos showing the process of how I design art quilts. You can also see how I use filofaxes to suport my art!

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