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Budgeting the Malden way.


I'll swap you something today:

You go first. I have been reading many blog posts recently about how people struggle to manage money and would appreciate some budgeting advice. Now, there are many things I am utterly rubbish at (hockey, washing up and finding my glasses being but three). However, thanks to the good teaching of my mother when I was a child, and a career spent dividing other peoples assets after their divorce , money management is something I get straight As at. So In collaboration with Alison Reeves's copyreading skills, I have plans to put together an ebook. So I would like you ask you: what do you want to know about budgeting? What do you struggle with and what do you want more knowledge about? What do you know that you think I should pass on as an essential? If you prefer email me in private rather than leaving a comment.

And in return I'll give you a sneak preview of an essential tool of mine…

To manage money well I firmly believe you have to know how you spend and on what. My old perfectly good system was to collect receipts in my purse and sort them out every now and again. But when I rediscovered filofaxes and saw that they could be used as wallets I upgraded the system to a wallet that included paper so I could jot down as I spent. Much, more efficient.

I have been using the pocket Chameleon as shown above. It works well but the financial pages are a little small for my liking. As part of tracking I like to note what I bought and often what category of spending it fell into. So today I took delivery of a compact Malden zip to try out. I think it is right that this model is not widely available the UK but is about to be rolled out with the new catalogue due soon.

Its longer but, compared to my stuffed pocket, is slimmer.

It has ooodles of space for cards coins and notes. That said, I still inserted a couple of plastic wallets on the rings to separate out loyalty cards and to hold train tickets and special receipts.

There are fourteen credit card slots in total. Some are the width of credit cards but actually a little deeper.

From the box it lay flat. However, as soon as you insert any cards at all the purse side of it starts to expand. So unzipped it sits like this. So when in use the pages on the rings on the left side are not flat but elevated at a slight angle.

With a week on two page diary and a good few pages of inserts it still shuts happily even with lots of coins in the zip pocket and bits and bobs in the back notebook.

I have extracted the diary and added in peronal sized finance pages for tracking spending and plain pages of notes and shopping lists, so I only need the one penloop. In my planner I use three pens however, and should I want to I can clip these in the back and it still zips.

In all these photos I have the purse on the left hand side. However, left handers should note that this filo works the other way up as well, with the slight compromise that you would then tuck things up into the back pocket rather than down into it.

It seems to me that this is a perfect filofax for travel. A passport would sit in the back pocket and there are plenty of places to separate out different currency notes and to store your hotel key cards. The rings would take diary pages for the trip with paper for journal notes/ list of must do's. extra plastic pockets would hold memorabilia and the zip allows maps and leaflets to be tucked in loose but safe. And still it is not too heavy to carry around for a day. A perfect city break filofax.


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  1. Alison Reeves #

    I am in love …

    February 28, 2013
  2. Alison Reeves #

    Bye the way I love the Ochre colour, but I wonder if they will be bringing out some new colours this year?

    February 28, 2013
    • I hear rumours of aqua for Maldens.. They already do the ipad and iphone cases in that so you can see what it looks like. No idea though if they will do this model in it.

      February 28, 2013
  3. JoshuaBuffumLaPorte #

    I’ve spent ages working at realistic money management systems. I’ve a personal checking account, a business checking account, a savings account, and I use one credit card. I keep each account balanced on a financial sheet in my planner and find this works well.

    I think that for me, I understand money management and it’s much more a challenge of developing habits, particularly of planning for spending.

    I love your zipped Malden! I was considering a Pennybridge (ideally in red which seems to be sold out) for similar functionality but think it’s easier for me to just use one planner for all purposes.

    March 2, 2013
  4. Christina McGann #

    Oh,oh….now the same thing happens to me….I never really wanted to get a zipped Malden…graaaaa….better close my eyes,mention I have never seen this beautiful thing…….. ;o))

    March 3, 2013

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