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Regency Compact set up


This week my Regency compact filofax was in use for the first time despite the fact that I bought it back in October and was saving it eagerly for New Year. Of course my avaricious nature intervened and by New Year I had also bought the Crimson Malden and the TK Maxx Non-Filofax and I realised that their capaciousness made me wonder whether the Compact would work after all. So, it has come on holiday with me where I need less forward planning power and am more conscious of the weight in my handbag.

It looks elegant in a rustic style cafe.

Inside is my solution to the one pen loop problem. A Leuchturm penloop and a Flex penloop hold the Triplus Fineliners I use for colourcoded entries. The front sheet has a photo of my Gran who passed away in October. I had been debating about whether to buy this rather expensive binder for a little while and in the end I bought it the day she died, as a tribute to her and to cheer myself a little. I know that sounds like a poor excuse but she was a woman who would buy quality and as my sister said when she saw the elegant Regency, ” Its very Gran.” I don't need a physical reminder to remember her but its nice to have a tangible even if tangential link to her. Pockets hold Cavellini Paris sticky notes.

The side pocket has stickers and washi tape strips.

My tabs are at the top because they get totally squashed by the pen at the side. You can see the pens bend the cover a little but I am confident it is flexible enough to take it.

And it is the tabs I am most proud of with this set up. They are Cavellini Emphemera Stickers stuck onto card and cut out then a glue stick used to attach them back to back to the divider. The divider itself is the original Filofax divder with the side tabs snipped off.

This being a compact binder I only have three tabs and I can remember them so no need to lable them and spoil the stickers. there are today markers for the diary and for lists. My sections are

1. Montly tabbed calander

2(Behind the first tab) three months of weekly with notes ( this was the sacrifice for moving down to Compact- usually I carry a full year)

3.Two page to day diary used for both forward planning and a quick record of how the day actually went.

4.Lists section with spare notepaper and tube map.

Tucked in the back is a Moleskine Volante journal which I am trying to use as a sketchbook( trying being the operative word) and the back pocket is empty as yet.


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  1. A lovely post & I am sorry to hear of your recent loss.

    By coincidence, when I lost my Granmother in April 1995 I turned to my Filofax where I produced a memorial journal. I will blog about that sometime, but it is the subject of my first column post at the In-Depth Genealogist, if you are interested.

    February 1, 2013
  2. Alison Reeves #

    Very elegant Helen – she looks beautiful. Hope you enjoy your travels!

    February 2, 2013
  3. Christina McGann #

    Very,very beautiful!Beautiful pen!!I love the Regency styled in that way,not too stuffed,not decorated to the brim – and NO hello Kitty ;o))
    Very elengant!

    February 2, 2013

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