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Making Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions – Day Six


Yes! You are almost there with your long haul resolution setting! Today we are going to decide how to implement your resolution. In effect what we are doing with a Resolution is creating a new habit. Some would say that there is a certain amount of time that one must daily do your resolution to make it stick – I have read variously thirty, forty or even ninety days. However, not all Resolutions are going to be daily ones. So what we need to do is to set up a cue-action-reward sequence:

1. Many resolutions fail simply because people forget about doing it. Decide what is going to be your reminder. It could be a literal alarm on your phone. Or connect your new action with one you already do with which it is a natural fit. It might be that your Resolution requires some advance planning. Decide what is your cue for that.

2.Identify your reward. I am not necessarily suggesting that you have a treat each time you perform your Resolution ( although I am certainly not going to nag if you decide to be kind to yourself that way!) . Rather, the reward might be intrinsic to your resolution, but it is important that you stop and notice it. So, for example, if you resolve to workout three times a week, you may notice that your skin is better and your body more supple. Learn to observe and enjoy the reward.

Then today, take a step towards performing your Resolution for the first time.


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  1. Linda Bilsborrow #

    So I can’t buy myself a creme egg as a reward for refusing cream and marshmallow on my hot chocolate?????

    January 6, 2013
    • I noticed a big ad for creme eggs today in Livepool One. Must be Easter soon! How about one creme egg for every three lots of cream and marshmallows refused?! But you have to walk to buy it… Life is all about compromises!

      January 6, 2013

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