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Making Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions – Day Four



Yesterday you wrote about some ideas of how you could recreate the feelings you hankered after in your life. I want you to pick one of those actions to form the basis of your resolution.

But, before we begin to examine how you are going to put that action into practice we are going to journal about why you are not doing it already and why that feeling is lacking in your life. This might seem unduly negative but unless we understand how our resolution might be sabotaged we will not be able to stick to the Resolution in the coming weeks. We need to identify the possible obstacles.

So, today’s journaling is about just that:

Who in your life needs to be brought on board ( or removed from your life!) if this is to happen?

What excuses do you make that you need to change?

Is there something you will have to sacrifice to make this happen? Are you prepared to do that?

What current features of your life need to be adjusted?

What do you need to really believe and accept if you are to implement your Resolution?

What negative feelings or fears might crop up when you think about your potential Resolution?


You know what to do by now- twenty minutes nonstop.. off you go…!


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