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Making Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions – Day Five



Today we are going to do what you have been longing to do. We are going to declare your Resolution.

But there are rules! Sorry, but I am not going to let this be as easy as you think.

1. First write your Resolution in a positive form. Do not include in your Resolution anything you are trying to get rid of. So not, I am going to stop playing on Facebook until two in the morning but rather Each evening I am going to go to bed at eleven and read for half an hour before getting a full nights sleep. Not I am going to eat less junk food but instead I am going to eat a healthy diet This is because you are going to be thinking about this resolution a lot. And you know that the more you think about NOT having Facebook or Big Macs the more you are going to crave them. One point of a good Resolution is to help you change your mindset by focusing on the good things

2. Then, incorporate into your Resolution the feelings and emotions you based them on. So now we might have I am going to ensure I feel full of energy by going to bed at eleven… or I am going to make myself proud of my body by eating a healthy diet.

3. Thirdly, incorporate ( still in a positive form) the way in which you will avoid the worst of the obstacles you identified. For example, let’s say that as soon as you set foot in your work cafeteria you are a sucker for the fish and chips. You might write, so that I can feel really proud of my body I will make a packed lunch each day as part of an overall healthy diet.

4. You will probably find that step three is already prompting you to be specific about your actions, but have another rewrite and make sure that your goal is as defined as possible so that you know that you have performed your resolution. What for example do you mean by a healthy diet? How will you measure that? maybe you want to rewrite to so that I can feel really proud of my body I will make a packed lunch each day as part of an overall helathy diet which incorporates five portions of fruits and veg a day.

5. counter check that your resolution is achievable and reaslistic. So if yor work team has a lunch meeting once a week that you must particpate in you may make your resolution to take a packed lunch four days a week.

when you have done taht give yourself a little reward for all your hard thinking work. Tomorrow we will look at how to implement your Resolution



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