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Making Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions – Day Three



Now that you have done Day One and Day Two, lets begin to craft a resolution.

Yesterday you picked your top film features and journaled about how they made you feel. Take the one that is now the most important to you. Or, maybe when you looked at them, you found that they all lead to the same feeling. If so, that’s a good indication that you are on the right track in finding a Resolution that will be really meaningful to you.

I am going to take my hankering for a canal boat in Amsterdam as my example.

Take your journal and write, stream of consciousness style about how you could bring the feelings that your chosen film feature gave you into your current life. This is not necessarily the same as setting goals about how to achieve the actual film feature. Although you could write about that in passing if you like.

So, if you remember I said that the concept of living in a quirky painted house boat made me feel arty and unburdened. So I might write about how to recreate those feelings in my current life. I might resolve to dedicate a weekend a month to driving to a city with good galleries. Or I might resolve to buy fresh tulips each week so that when I see them it is a trigger to take an hours time out reading and journaling and not responding to the demands on my time that make me feel so burdened. if the actual film feature you chose is possible to implement right away then go ahead and work with that. If it is not, or if it will take time and is more an ongoing project than a resolution, work on finding an aletrantive that will give you the same feelings you seek.

Give this exercise some time.. Twenty to thirty minutes and try to keep writing without stopping to read or think. Then, when you run out of time or you are totally spent of ideas an possibilities, however wild, close your journal and leave it be until tomorrow.


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