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Making Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions – Day Two



Today we are going to start to extract from your fantasy film some real yearnings which will eventually lead us to a good choice of Resolution.

The first step is to identify the top things from your film that are really calling you. If you could have one or two things what would it be? Don’t dismiss things because they seem impossible, because these are not necessarily going to be your actual Resolution. The features your choose will probably be the ones you carried on thinking about after you closed your journal yesterday.

When you have identified the important things ( three is probably a good number to focus on, but that’s up to you) I want you to journal about why you feel so drawn to them.

How do these film features make you feel?

What would they add to you life that you don’t have now?

What lack in your life are they fulfilling?

For example, lets say I had myself living in a house boat in Amsterdam with quirky painted furniture and fresh tulips in a milk bottle in a vase on the table. For me that would be a hankering to rekindle a holiday in just such a place. In fact the boat was cramped, with the world’s worst shower and far too hot in the middle of a heat wave. But I tend to forget that and so it was probably in my film because I remember the tranquility of watching ducks swim by my window, the lazy hours reading in the window sea and the copious pancake eating the proximity to art galleries. My picture of me on that boat makes me feel relaxed and still. It makes me feel uncluttered and unburdened. I remember that I had just recovered from an illness and the boat felt very renewing. I was surrounded by cultural institutions which is not the case where I live.

Get the idea?

Off you go then. Identify the whys and then close the journal.



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  1. Excuse me, but why is that journal not a filofax?!

    January 2, 2013

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