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Salon Sunday 6

I want this blog to be a conversation between me and you, so Salon Sunday will be a regular feature. You are all invited to hang out here and discuss, via comments, the topic of the day, previous posts or in fact anything at all relevant to Planning Creating and Succeeding. Feel free to start your own topic for discussion and to continue to chat all week.

On Thursday I was talking about Olympic Athletes.  I love to watch athletics to see the delight on the winners face after all the training and effort they put in. But I also feel for the athletes who get injured or just get pipped at the line. They must have known that that could happen but they put their all into training anyway. They must have had belief that they could win and the abilty to put that beleif in possibilty before their fear.


So todays starter question from me is: what would you do if you could not fail?

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  1. Maria in Wellington #

    Hi Helen

    It’s a small thing but if I could not fail I would like to row – I was offered
    the opportunity to learn back in my school days and was so scared of failing
    that I said no. And almost immediately regretted my decision – I wish I had had
    the courage to say that I changed my mind and would’ve liked to have given it a
    go. But I didn’t.

    And the reason this has stuck in my mind? – I suspect rowing may have been the
    only sport that I had a good chance in doing well in. As I say – a small thing
    and your comments on the Olympics got me thinking about it.


    December 10, 2012
  2. Gwyned Trefethen #

    We had the privilege of going to Machu Picchu 8 years ago. We were asked if we would like to hike up the peak that faces Machu Picchu. I’m terrified of any hiking that involves cliffs, rocks, unstable ground or slippery conditions. We declined. But if I could be as secure as a mountain goat without the terror of slipping, how I would love to go back and hike up that ridge.

    December 12, 2012

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