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Rubbish designs


The Lou Ruvo Centre for Brain Health in Las Vegas and the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester have at least one thing in common. They are throw away, rubbish designs.

I don't mean I don't think they are any good. I mean that that was how the architects got their ideas.


The Lou Ruvo center was built by Frank Gehry who by all accounts was not at all keen to work in Las Vegas. In a recent Article in Traveller magazine, fomer Las Vegas Mayor, Oscar Goodman explained that, contrary to popular opinion the building was not made as a metaphor the human brain. Rather, he says,

” What happened is that Frank Gehry had an aversion to Las Vegas and it took us a very long time to convince him to do a project out here. When he finally agreed, we went out to see him at his office and I remember he had some crepe paper on his desk. He screwed it up, then he threw it down on the floor. That was it. The design never really changed.”

Architect Daniel Libeskind was struggling to come up with a design for the war museum. In frustration – or maybe in hope – he hurled a teapot out of the window of his office then ran down the stairs to retrieve the pieces from the pavement. The shards he found there became the three shards or areas of the museum now themed as Air, Water and Earth, the three theatres of war.

I love buildings where the infrastructure reflects the content and Libeskind is a master of this. Yet, isn't it encouraging that even the Masters sometimes find instant inspiration in something seemingly banal and then import the meaning later?

Which buildings inspire you and why?

Why not destroy something today and see what new beauty you can find in the result?



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