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Salon Sunday 4

Salon Sunday
I want this blog to be a conversation between me and you, so Salon Sunday will be a regular feature. You are all invited to hang out here and discuss, via comments, the topic of the day, previous posts or in fact anything at all relevant to Planning Creating and Succeeding. Feel free to start your own topic for discussion and to continue to chat all week.

I am wondering if you have a special place that you find good for thinking and planning. I like to take a big bag with my journal and filofaxes and ipad to a cafe.  I am writing this post in Jika Jika in Bath for example and the tables are full of people, many of whom also have notebooks or laptops out. I like the feeling of being alone with my thoughts but in a community of likeminded people at the same time. What is effective for you about your special place?

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  1. Brenda Gael Smith #

    Some of my best thinking time is when I am swimming. I also often review my diary and do some planning on the 90 minute train ride to/from Sydney. Perhaps because I don’t drink tea or coffee, and my home has infinitely more agreeable ambiance than any cafe venue that I know of on the Central Coast, hanging out in a cafe on a regular basis holds very little appeal. However, when I travel, I been known to spend time in book shops, cafes and pubs for an internet fix.

    November 25, 2012
  2. Gwyned Trefethen #

    My brother is a professor and like you, Helen, does his best thinking in a public place over a cup of coffee. That is where he made his notes for my mother’s memorial service and often where he works on his latest article or book. Not me. I need to be in a place with no distractions and that means no people. When in college I studied and planned in my room (my roommates were rarely there) and gasp, 40 years later I still prefer the quiet of my home. I am fortunate enough to have a home office. It overlooks an enclosed but open to the elements space. It has white walls, containers of shade loving plants during the growing season and two gorgeous ceramic tiles one depicting poppies and the other iris opposite the office window. The office is just off the kitchen for a quick glass of water. I don’t do coffee or tea either, Brenda. It also has an attached bathroom. All my needs are met – quiet, internet, beverage and toilet with a serene view. It is a perfect place to drift or to work and as we have discussed before drifting is key to work.

    Plan of how to proceed with a creative problem, may or may not occur in my office. This is where I do my morning pages. Sometimes enlighten strikes then. But it is just as likely to hit, as it did today, when I am doing some form of exercise. This time it was a mid afternoon stroll around the neighborhood.

    November 25, 2012
  3. Alison Reeves #

    I’ve never done the coffee shop thing – possibly because I don’t like coffee and I find the tea in these places very over-priced and over-rated. I tend to work mostly at my home office (basically it’s a large corner of my dining room – my spare room study is currently under review as I would like to turn it into a craft/sewing room) – however sometimes I find it isn’t the best place for creative thinking. My best places for that are anything that allows my mind to wonder. So, for example when we used to sail that was a good place, now more when I am walking. The tricky bit is to record the thoughts as often when I get home I get drawn into things and forget to record my thoughts.

    Having said all that I totally get the being away from your normal environment as I often have progress when staying away from home.

    November 28, 2012

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